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Ocean Trace is a low salt, highly concentrated (100 to 1)
Sea Mineral Fertilizer
Mg-5.4%   S-1.9%   Na-1.8%   Cl-16%

Feeding your crops Ocean Trace™ fertilizer may result in:

 Increased yields

Higher test weights

Higher nutritional value

Higher protein

Suitable for Organic Applications.
If you need OMRI listing please let us know, and we will
send you the product label for this product that has OMRI listing.

Ocean Trace is not intended to take the place of other fertilizers.  Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium and Calcium will need to be supplied.  However, most fertilizers don��t have the micronutrients that Ocean Trace has.  Plants need these micronutrients, as do people. 

Many soils have been reduced to a meager 12 to 20 trace minerals.

 This can result in:

 Weaker cell wall linings
Greater susceptibility to disease and pests
Lower nutritional value
Lower test weights
Shorter shelf life
Poorer yields.

  The Answer?

The Ocean, where God has placed the 90 natural elements in soluble form, and in perfect balance.

So, what happens when we reduce ocean water down to a 1% liquid concentrate?  99% of the sodium crystallizes and falls out of solution.  Sodium exits, trace minerals stay!!!

The result?  Up to 100 times the ocean minerals may be foliar feed in a single application without burning!

With Ocean Trace, you can give your crops the trace nutrients they need with applications as low as 1/10th gallon per acre!

It is amazing that God caused the 90 elements in the ocean to occur in practically the same proportions as in both blood plasma and chlorophyll (plant ��blood��).  Human plasma is ¼ strength sea water!  Trace elements are vital to both plant and animal health.  Without them, plants are easy targets for insects and disease, and can not reach their full potential.  Where will these elements come from if chemical fertilizers replace only 3 to 6?

Even though we must make a living, farming is actually about growing nutritious food that enables the body to function properly.  Every day there are approximately 250,000 DNA transactions in our bodies that don't take place because we are missing key elements needed to catalyze those transactions.  Ocean Trace can help us to get these nutrients back into our foods.


It takes as little as 1/10th a gallon of Ocean Trace to give pastures the micronutrients they need.  This can result in healthier animals.

The results of using Ocean Trace™ on crops fed to livestock should not be under-estimated.  When your livestock are fed crops rich in trace minerals, it can result in lower mortality rates, less visits by the vet, more lactations, and improved feed conversion numbers.

Purchase 1 gallon Ocean Trace for $65












Collard Greens in Pacolet, SC
I have never grown such beautiful collards as I grew this year by adding in some  Ocean Trace™.


Interesting Quotes

 Sea Energy Agriculture, by Maynard Murray, MD.
2nd Edition, copyright 2003, Acres USA.  

��If a soil is like a mine with its myriad of elements, then whenever man tills it, plants, crops and in other ways engages in farming, he is for all practical purposes engaged in the business of mining. Like a miner, the farmer breaks the earth with digging tools, but instead of dynamite, he plants seeds to loosen the minerals and elements from their holding matrix. And finally, he carts away his minerals in the form of food rather than ore.�� 

Pg. 74.  The presence or absence of a trace element can be the deciding factor in determining whether a necessary element is absorbed into the plant��s root system.

Pg. 28 The most important contribution to high farm yields and continuous plant production was the practice of replacing the major elements for a plant��s nutritional needs in the soil and fortifying them with heavy doses of nitrates.  Thus, soil production was maintained and even increased in spite of starving the soil of vital trace elements necessary for the sustenance of healthy life.

Pg. 99. Plants then may take up abnormal proportions of other elements to make up for the deficiencies in trace elements, (and) crops begin to lose their nutritional value.













4.5 lb. head of Lettuce, grown with Ocean Trace

Lettuce, flowers in Rocky Ridge, UT

The shelf life of lettuce doubled or tripled �C  2 weeks old and still crisp!  Customers noticed the increase in flavor.  Also, even through a hot spell, my lettuce tasted great!  I am also extremely pleased w/ the large number of blossoms on my flowers.









Hugh Broccoli grown with Ocean Trace

Vegetables in Delta, OH 
Our garden is doing so good, especially our raspberries, plus the wheat grass.  It changed the flavor of the broccoli, it is sweeter, and doesn��t have a bitter taste.  The cucumbers & cabbages have a more intense flavor.










Ocean Trace onion.  Milder, full of flavor

Garden in Highland, WI

I used Ocean Trace in my garden.  The plants seemed to be more vigorous, really took off, and outgrew the control plants.  Rhubarb is really good, not nearly as sour, didn��t have to use as much sugar when they cooked it up.  Radishes, without Ocean Trace™, bitter, but treated radishes were not, and were almost sweet.  A number of people commented on the difference in taste.  My onions weren��t as strong, and were sweeter.  The lettuce is mild tasting, and is holding up better as it gets more mature.  It��s not getting bitter as it gets hot out, but is staying a better quality.










Bell Peppers grown with Ocean Trace

Fruit and Vegetables in Taylors, SC

2006:  I sprayed 1/3rd gal. of Ocean Trace™ twice as a foliar application.  My green beans have put on extra blooms, cantaloupe blooms are larger.  Sweet Corn, Green beans, Cantaloupe, Bell Peppers, Tomatoes and Squash are all looking good. 

On cantaloupes, the fruit was a little sweeter, a little smoother looking (quite a bit easier to sell), and a little bigger (better tonnage per acre).  Yields on 5 acres bell peppers was exceptional, at least 30% better than any other year, but pepper yields were good for everyone in the area.  Neither green beans or squash had any bugs.  I was surprised by that.  They were cleaner than my convention beans where we used insecticide.

2007: No insects at all this year.  Bell peppers were smoother, larger, and yielded almost as well as last year��s record yields.  I had a 15% to 20% increase in yields on green beans (pole beans) over the control, and they are more tender.  The main difference I see is better quality, better looking produce in general. 


Purchase 1 gallon Ocean Trace for $57

Vegetables.  Highland, WI
Tomatoes took the frost really good, had tomatoes till first of Nov., every one else��s were dead.  A pair of zucchini that they thought were too big (4��x16��), kept them on back porch for 2 months, still firm, processed them.  Also incredible shelf life for rutabagas, turnips, kohlrabi and cabbages.  Cucumbers and Eggplant also lasted into November.  Everyone who bought their produce commented on how good it tasted.

Vegetables in Delta, OH 
Our garden is doing so good, especially our raspberries, plus the wheat grass.  It changed the flavor of the broccoli, it is sweeter, and doesn��t have a bitter taste.  The cucumbers & cabbages have a more intense flavor.

Walnut trees, Chattanooga, TN

As you know, we selectively sprayed about 1/3rd of my walnut trees in July.  We have had a SEVERE drought this year (21�� short).  The leaf drop (which normally occurs the end of Aug. to the 10th of Sept.) is significantly less in sprayed trees.  In fact, the sprayed trees were still bright and green as compared with unsprayed trees.  We plan to spray all 3,000 trees in the coming May (as soon as they are fully leafed out).  I am pleased with the results �C at least so far.


Potatoes and Green Beans in Liberal, MO

Potatoes did really well, and lasted a lot longer in my cellar. 

Green beans Sprayed once with 1/10th gal. of Ocean Trace, my beans didn��t want to quit yielding.  I normally has to spray 3 or 4 times w/ insecticide, but now have almost no insect pressure, and LARGE beans.

Apple Cider in Soldiers Grove, WI 

I used Ocean Trace™ on my apple orchard this year, and my apple cider has never tasted this good.  People are raving about it, and paying me top dollar.  I can��t keep up with the demand.

Dry edible beans, sugar beets in Wiggins, CO

I was afraid that Ocean Trace™ might be snake oil, so I tried misting it undiluted on a few bean plants.  To my surprise, the leaves turned about 3 shades darker green.  My sugar beets made an incredible 12 ton this year, and I believe that Ocean Trace™ helped to make that possible.

Peas in Senoia, GA  
I applied ½ gal. Ocean Trace™ per acre, mixing the Ocean Trace™ 1 to 20 with water, and sprayed a light coating on the leaves of my peas.  Within a month I started harvesting.  I have never seen such large peas.

 Squash in Brookesmith, TX 
Our dealer writes:  This is an actual quote from a 90 year old lady friend from church. We gave her (and others) much squash last year. This year I have used Ocean Trace™, mixed 1 part to 120 parts water, as a foliar feed (twice) as well as through drip tape (once). This lady had never commented on the taste before.  But this year she said, "Let me tell you, those squash are the best squash I have ever ate. I have ate squash all my life and these don't taste like what you get out of the store. They were almost sweet. They were wonderful".

Purchase 1 gallon Ocean Trace for $57

Vegetables, Perry, IA
We got our tomatoes, squash, and cucumbers from the nursery, but forgot to plant them, and they were pretty much dead.  But I injected 2 cc OT into the water, and watered them with the Hexahedron 999.  The vegetables came back to life, and had the best taste ever, with no insect damage or disease.  They actually survived till after the 2nd frost.  I am very impressed.  Tomatoes were red all the way through.  On another farm, soybeans with a 1/10th gal./acre application were a deeper nicer green.  The hogs that are drinking the Ocean Trace™ water look great.  They haven��t been sick even with a hard winter. 

Ocean Trace for animal drinking water

AG-USA™ makes no warranties of any kind, express or implied with respect to Ocean Trace™. Manufacturer's and seller's obligation is limited to the replacement of product for defective material only. Neither manufacturer or seller shall be liable for any injury, loss or damage directly or consequently arising from the use, misuse or inability to use the product. Always jar test when combining with any other fertilizer, herbicide, microbial, or enzymatic formulations

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1 gallon Ocean Trace
for $65

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