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The Hexahedron 999
For Structured and Vitalized Water


The Hexahedron 999 induces a Unified Field of energy in the water molecules, drawing in more Biophotons. 

The Hexahedren 999 Unit restructures the water and brings more life force energy into the water.

When plants and animals consume highly Structured and Vitalized Hexahedron 999� Water,
the White Light (Biophotons) in the water are transported into the cellular structure
causing them to vibrate at a higher frequency.

No moving parts, and no noise.
No maintenance, no man-made magnets.
No external energy source required.
Fast and simple installation.

For more information or to order, please email Max-Well
at or call 678-378-2911.


The Hexahedron 999 uses stainless steel 304, which contains metals that assist the structure of the hexagonal shape of the water.

The unit�s 4 blades break the water membrane, creating a vortex.  Once the water membrane is broken, the water is easy to program, because its surface tension is broken down.

In the center of the unit is a pipe where a type of quartz crystals are inserted.  10% of the water flows through where the crystals are, and is highly programmed by the crystals.  90% of the water goes between the outer shell and inner shell.

There is a pouch of over 80 minerals under the exterior heat shrink.  They are crystal powder and gold powder.  These minerals serve to polarize the higher dimension of light.

Last, there are 4 more blades which produce a counter rotational spin, again creating a vortex, and inducing a unified field.  The water from the center that has been highly structured by the crystals is mixed with the water from between the 2 shells.  It comes out restructured, loaded with Biophotons, with more negative ions, and with a higher surface tension, resulting in an increased capillary effect.


Biophotons give out the silent language of the DNA. They are the life force of the body.
A healthy newborn emits 200 to 220 Biophotons per second per square centimeter.
Adults emit 80 to 120.
A senior adult will transition from 60, to 20, to 10, and then expire.  Why?

Because Enzymes are waiting for the signal from the Biophoton�s silent language to form their work.  The boss (Biophotons) give instructions to the employees (Enzymes).  If no boss, the enzymes are there, but don't have any work to do. When you have a high Biophoton level in your body, the body is able to regenerate itself. 

Someone at 50 or 60 years old that has 60 Biophotons per second per square centimeter may very well be able to reverse the degenerative process, and go back up to 80, 120, or even 150 Biophotons per second per square centimeter.  This can be done by eating foods loaded with Regenero-Active Biophotons, and drinking and bathing in water loaded with Regenero-Active Biophotons.  The body responds to life!  Again, as the body ingests more Biophotons, and becomes alkaline, the body can go back into a regenerative mode.

For more information, please read through the 11 pages of information on Biophotons.  You may also view the video on Biophotons.

To help remove chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides, etc., we recommend KDF-GAC filter technology.  Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Max-Well has switched from selling the Hexahedron 999 to the NAT Water Structuring Machine.  While it does an excellent job structuring water, it costs less per unit.